Professional Services

Dr. Doka offers four categories of professional services:


Education and Training

Direct Consultation

Expert Witness

Presentations, Education and Training

Dr. Doka has offered a variety of keynotes to professional organizations as well as education and training presentations and workshops in a variety of settings on three continents. Dr. Doka is an engaging speaker who presents cutting edge material in a way that is both entertaining and engaging – skillfully weaving personal anecdotes and case illustrations into discussions of the latest theory and practice.

Among these presentations were keynote presentations to groups such as: Roselyn Carter Institute, The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, The King’s College Conference on Bereavement, New England Institute of Loss, The International Work Group of Dying, Death and Bereavement (in Athens, Greece and Sydney Australia).

Other Keynotes included:

The International Dairy, Deli., and Bakery Association

National Funeral Directors Association

Clergy and Spiritual Care Conference

Institute on AIDS Education

State and Regional Conferences

State Hospice and Funeral Directors Associations

In addition, Dr. Doka has presented a variety of workshops and training to local hospices, church organizations, social services agencies, hospitals, funerals, homes, colleges, and educational organizations. Among his topics are:

Disenfranchised Grief

Death, Loss and Spirituality

Grief Through the Life Cycle

Gender Issues and Grief

Ritual as a Therapeutic Tool

Culture, Dying, Grief, and Loss

Grief and Loss: Persons with Developmental Disabilities

Sudden Loss: Grief and Trauma

Children Adolescent and Loss

Coping with Life- Threatening Illness

Coping with caregiving

The Aging Market

Coping Grief and the Holidays

Challenging the Paradigm: New Understandings of Grief

These topics are only a few samplings of available programs. Programs can be tailored to the reader or sponsoring organizations. For information on topics available fees per case, and conferences, contact Dr. Doka, directly at [email protected]. Or by telephone:

(845) 462-5837

(914) 654-5418

In addition to several programs, Dr. Doka teaches graduate level courses at the College of New Rochelle in grief counseling and gerontology. College of New Rochelle (

Direct Consultation

Dr. Doka directly works with organizations. He has consulted in a variety of ways such as:

*Directly offering grief education and suicide prevention to school systems.

*Consulting with advertising agencies and marketing departments and services to the aging market, caregivers, and persons with chronic or life-threatening illness.

*Consulting on research in thanatology and gerontology

*Consulting with funeral homes and developing aftercare services and programs

*Consulting with business and coping with transitions, traumas, and loss and grieving employees.

*Dr Doka has worked with architectural and construction firms in designing senior environments

* As a licensed Mental Health Counselor, he specializes in grief and aging issues.

Expert Witness

Dr. Doka has served as an expert witness, advising attorneys on the behaviors of bereaved individuals, evaluating grief reactions, and assessing the implications of significant loss.  In this capacity he has assisted in the preparation of affidavits and depositions.